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Now Recruiting: Director of Technology

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Therapy4thePeople seeks motivated professionals to join our inaugural Board of Directors. This is an opportunity to leverage your professional skills to increase access to mental health support for people of color and low-income communities. 

As a Director, you’ll also have the rare opportunity to take a lead role in growing a new nonprofit organization. As Director of Technology, specifically, you’ll be able to build an impactful digital tool from the ground up guided by experts in the mental health field.

The Challenge

Our primary product is a directory of affordable mental health services. While we’re not the first to create this kind of resource, previous attempts in the mental health space have failed to gain traction with help-seekers and service providers. We’re committed to building something that truly makes an impact.

What sets us apart currently is our focus on the full spectrum of affordable mental health services, from chat services to support groups to therapy. Nobody has done this before. We also have an incredible team of Regional Ambassadors who ensure that our directory information is accurate and up-to-date, which is an area where other directories tend to fall short. 

Our vision is to build the Yelp of affordable mental health services. We want our platform to be easy to use and have key features that increase the relevance and utility of the platform for help-seekers and service providers alike (e.g., quick search and matching tools, crowdsourced listing edits, easy listing claims process). Our current tool (a WordPress plugin) is buggy and inadequate. Getting from where we are now to what we envision for the future will require an innovative and effective Director of Technology to guide us.

Who You Are

  • You are a mid-level frontend or backend web developer with expertise in planning, building, implementing, and QA’ing dynamic web experiences
  • You have deep experience with one or more modern web development frameworks 
  • You’re excited by the challenge we’re tackling and are clear-eyed about the work it will take to solve it
  • You’ve had experience working with designers, UX researchers, and developers to align on a product 
  • You’re a creative and strategic thinker, who is eager to think out of the box at a young organization 
  • You believe in serving communities from a place of humility with an unwavering commitment to justice 


The expected time commitment as a member of our Board is 10-15 hours per month, inclusive of meetings and communication via Slack.

As Director of Technology

  • Develop a broad strategy for our website, including a migration from WordPress to a custom site
  • Oversee the development of a platform to replace our current directory
  • Help recruit and lead a tech team that will carry out the projects above
  • Review our current tech and provide/implement suggested improvements
  • Provide tech support as needed

As Board Member (generally)

  • Participate in monthly Board meetings
  • Contribute $250 in annual dues
  • Provide fiduciary oversight of the organization’s finances, mission, and administration
  • Promote Therapy4thePeople within your personal and professional networks for awareness, fundraising, and potential partnerships
  • Work collaboratively with other Board members on this next stage of Therapy4thePeople’s work

To apply: send your resume to [email protected].

Want more information? Contact Dr. Ashley Castro, Executive Director and Board President, at [email protected] 

About Us

Therapy4thePeople was started in spring 2020 by three PhD students in mental health fields. Our research, clinical, and lived experiences made us deeply aware of inequities in the mental health system. We shared a commitment to fighting them.

Our nonprofit focuses on three major barriers to accessing mental health services: cost, complexity of the system, and cultural mismatch with providers. These barriers make it harder for POC and low-income individuals to get the care they need. 

There are two pillars to our work: connection and education. We connect help-seekers to affordable mental health support through our national directory. This is the first comprehensive directory focused exclusively on affordable mental health services. We also provide education on the mental health system through our blog and social media channels. 

We are a small, all-volunteer team of people around the country passionate about mental health equity. We’re assembling a Board of Directors that can help us grow strategically in line with our values and mission.

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