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Team Member Spotlight: Bridget Makol

Bridget Makol Headshot

Each month we spotlight a different member of our wonderful, all-volunteer team. Get to know the people dedicating their time to increasing access to care at Therapy4thePeople.

This spotlight first appeared in the August 2022 edition of our monthly newsletter.

What is your current role at Therapy4thePeople?

I am a Co-Founder, Board Member, and Director of Online Directory.

What motivated you to co-found Therapy4thePeople?

After years of providing mental health services and talking to countless families who felt overwhelmed navigating our mental health system, I was interested in creating solutions for help-seekers who were struggling to access needed mental health care. I co-founded Therapy4thePeople with the mission of expanding knowledge of how to navigate our current mental health system and finding new solutions for doing so. Enacting this mission makes every day exciting and I am energized by working with such a passionate team!

Where are you currently in your career, and where do you hope to go?

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in Pediatric Psychology & Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. I love working with multidisciplinary teams to serve the needs of youth with complex medical and mental health needs. I hope to continue my work in an academic medical center in my hometown of Chicago after my fellowship.

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