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Team Member Spotlight: Ricardo Bilton


Each month we spotlight a different member of our wonderful, all-volunteer team. Get to know the people dedicating their time to increasing access to care at Therapy4thePeople.

This spotlight first appeared in the September 2022 edition of our monthly newsletter.

What is your current role at Therapy4thePeople?

I lead marketing and communications, helping us both better better reach help-seekers and tell the story of Therapy4thePeople. This includes our overall brand strategy, persona development, and ongoing content projects such as our help-seeker resource center.

What motivated you to join Therapy4thePeople?

Working at Edelman, I have the opportunity to help some of the world’s largest for-profit organizations solve their communications challenges. I was excited about the opportunity to to do the same for a non-profit, especially one that’s addressing such a significant, growing issue like mental health.

What are you most excited to work on?

Right now, I am most excited to work with our new Director of Technology (Haig Santourian) to reimagine how help-seekers find and interact with the educational content in our resource center. I believe we are in a great position to empower help-seekers with the information they need to make the best decisions about their mental healthcare.

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