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NOTE: The information you enter on this page will not be saved if you do not finish the submission process. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for our directory, services must be: 1) free or cost no more than $30 per session 2) provided by licensed staff or by trainees practicing under licensed supervisors (therapy services only) 3) staffed by trained facilitators (non-therapy services with a facilitator). FILLING OUT THE FORM: *If your service is a clinical research study, choose that category for your listing, even if it also falls into another category *If you offer services at more than one physical location, enter each location separately *Please provide as much information as possible in your listing *We recommend that you upload an image with your listing. Our team will review your submission to ensure it meets our criteria, and you will be alerted once your submission has been added to our directory. Before submitting, you’ll have the opportunity to create an account on our site. In the future, you can use your login to make edits to your listing at any time. Listings may be edited by our team for clarity and consistency with other listings. Thank you for your commitment to increasing access to high-quality mental health services!
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