The Place for Children with Autism (Elgin)
The Place for Children with Autism
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C.R.A.F.T. Culturally responsive assessments for teens. We are looking for Black and/or Latina/o/e adolescents ages 12-17 who have struggled in school with mental health, attention, and/or a diagnosis of ADHD. • Research study will be conducted in person (at Loyola University Chicago) or through telehealth. What to expect: • 2 visits and monthly follow up surveys • A full wellbeing assessment with a behavioral healthcare provider including testing, diagnoses, and information about wellbeing • A feedback session with a behavioral healthcare provider to review results and discuss resources. What you will get: Up to $95 for the first two visits and $180 for completing online questionnaires + You will also receive a free report describing assessment results! For further details, parents/legal guardians can contact or call 773-508-3021. *This research is being conducted by Dr. Zoe R. Smith in the Department of Psychology at Loyola University Chicago
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Dr. Zoe Smith, ACCTION Lab, Loyola University Chicago
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